GYBS Sponsors Day Out for Prize Winning Students

September 2017

A successful careers-based volunteering initiative between GYB Services and Caister Academy has paid dividends all round.  


Lisa Chandler, Support Services Manager at GYB Services, is currently an Enterprise Advisor with the school.  Enterprise Advisors were introduced by the government as businesses were reporting that education leavers did not have enough knowledge about the world of work.  


The role is designed to help bridge the gap between education and employers, bringing careers into a variety of lessons via strategic planning. 


Lisa assisted in the design of a six-week job research project for ten Year 9 students, which culminated in the winning team completing a presentation on the growing energy sector market, and winning them a trip to the Green Britain Centre.


During the visit, sponsored by GYB Services, the teams built turbines, climbed 305 steps to the viewing platform on the Ecotricity turbine, and saw the record-breaking renewable energy performance cars.


GYB Services Commercial Director Nicola Holden commented; “As a company committed to supporting and growing the local skills pool, we are always keen to engage with students and encourage awareness of the needs of local employers.”